What We Offer

There are various therapeutic approaches – individual, couples, and group; often incorporating all three provides for the best mirroring of oneself. There are benefits of incorporating each approach at various stages in our journey. 



One of the most valuable tools and reasons for individual therapy is the space for one to name the thoughts, experiences, and parts of our story that we rarely, if ever, discuss with others. The purpose is to not bring more shame or anxiety, but to work to alleviate those darker / unspoken events, thoughts, and memories that often negatively shape us in the subconscious.



Couples Counseling can be one of the most powerful and transformative experiences, as rarely does one bring forth and experience as much energy and emotions as experienced in relationship with our significant others. More often than not, the problem is not the other partner, but our false perceptions of and cumulative negative experiences with that partner. These false perceptions and past negative experiences must not only be named, but also released.


groups | Workshops

Simply put, to be known and cared for without shame or judgment can be one of the most powerful and lasting experiences. The heart behind group therapy is for the group to be the healing agent. It goes back to the belief, "we are hurt by relationship and we are healed by relationship." We offer either one day workshops or weekly group therapy.