General Therapy

You do not need a specific presenting issue to come to therapy with us. Many clients reach out to process overall life stuff. In essence, that is the core of what we do for everyone. Our central task is to provide space. Our role is not to fix, dictate, or push a therapeutic model or agenda on a person. Instead, it is to provide a place where you have the space and room to just be and sit in the presence of another. The therapeutic process allows you to unpack aspects of yourself in order to understand and live out more of your true essence. We believe there tends to be two distinct stages of our journey, and they are as follows…


first half of life

Every one of us has ego. Ego (masks / personas) are not a bad thing, but we tend to over-utilize those aspects of ourselves and they keep us limited. Also, these masks limit others from knowing us fully, keeping us from being fully known. The challenge is that we so often do not even realize we are living out of our ego. Usually, severe pain is the thing that begins to break our insulated ways of thinking and we start to see something deeper and mysterious about ourselves. Some call this our Soul or True Self.


second half of life

It is generally after life’s experience of severe pain that we encounter something much deeper that really cannot be described, nor it is even necessary to do so. Rather, we just know we are starting to live out of something very core to who we are. It is very central to us and does not come from the outside (such as knowledge, performance, etc.) Instead, it comes from within and we begin to not only hear it, but trust it.