Couples Intensive

We are passionate about helping couples find hope and healing for their relationships. Whether your marriage is in crisis, or you long for a deeper relationship with your partner, our marriage counseling sessions will help you gain the tools you both need to experience a healthier and fulfilling relationship. During our couples intensive sessions, our goal is to provide a peaceful and safe environment in which you can share openly and move towards real change within your relationship. You can expect to feel challenged – but in good ways that cause you to evaluate what you do and why. You can also expect to feel anticipation and hope in having a marriage that is also a great friendship.

Fee is $200 per session hour which provides two therapists during couples intensive.

Intensives range from 1 to 2 days anywhere from 4 hour - 6 hours each day.

Email us for more information. 


individual INTENSIVE

An individual intensive is setup and geared specifically to what you need. We work to ensure it is targeted to meet your specific area of need for healing. Often times, we have found it beneficial to coordinate a team of therapist to work with you during the one or two day intensive. The intensives can be focused around addiction, betrayal, trauma, codependency, or other areas of struggle. For example, we might bring in 2 and up to 4 therapists in the span of a full day to help process through specific issues that are you need help processing. 

Fee is $960 per day which provides for 8 hours of individualized therapy. 

Most intensives take place on Fridays and / or Saturdays. 

Email us for more information.